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Our team have worked on some of the biggest and best shows on TV to date collecting several accolades along the way including BAFTA & Golden Reel nominations, as well as RTS & Emmy wins!

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Foley is an artistic and creative process which aims to recreate and enhance sound FX for film and television. Using many different techniques and props ranging from aeroplane wings, car doors, glasses, plates, handcuffs and anything in between – a foley artist can match, if not better the existing sound recorded on set. They also provide footsteps for every character on screen on any surface they happen to be walking, running even crawling on.

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We work with all the sound elements (Dialogue, ADR, Foley, Sound Effects and Music), and valance them to create the final soundscape both technically and stylistically.

Stereo to Atmos

2.0    -   7.1.4

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Sound FX/Design is the process of generating audio elements. The sound designer may create sound FX, atmospheres, sonic textures and filmic ambiances that will create natural or unnatural worlds, whichever the projects needs. This is all pointed towards aiding the audiences connection with the show and bringing it to life.



The dialogue editor is a sound editor who assembles, synchronises, and edits all the dialogue in a film or television production.  This discipline in the audio wheel is designed to a) make sure that all the film dialogue is in the correct place b) check the quality of the dialogue sound and c) work with actors to re-record dialogue where necessary.

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Using our experience in sound for TV/film, we bring the podcast to life enriching the dialogues, balancing the music and creating the soundscape behind Podcast story.

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