About Us

Founded by its Managing Director Billy Mahoney in July 2012 ‘MAP’ is a family run studio boasting over 30 years experience in the TV and Film industry.

In the 3 years of being operational the studio has been going from strength to strength creating real momentum, gaining some great and new relationships with clients along the way. Cementing our place among the industries elite.

MAPs aim is to bring your ideas to life in the most original way by having an open dialogue with our clients, our knowledge and expertise is freely given to ensure you get what you want out of your project.

Our clean, precise, dynamic soundtracks that we create come from our belief in the attention to detail. We feel we go above and beyond to deliver a kick ass soundscape! The passion in our work shows come Final Mix time!

Company History

Check out the start of our journey from the ground up.

The Shell

Thats a lot of wood... and sound boards!!!

Builders are in, tea 1 sugar.

The man in the iron (dust) mask!

Dancing Queen!

Stick to the mixing desk Boss man!


It's starting to look the pits!!!

Tracklay rooms weren’t built in a day!

Taking orders from the Wife.

All hands on deck.

It takes all sorts to build a dream.

Meet The Team

Billy Mahoney Snr

Dubbing Mixer - The Boss

The man who started all. To say he has a wealth of experience is an understatement. With over 30 years of mixing under his belt, he's regarded by his peers as one of the very best the industry has to offer.

Arran Mahoney

Sound FX Designer/Foley Recordist/Foley Mixer

By the time he was 19 Arran was already working on his first high end Tv Drama. Creatively brilliant, and likes to think he paints a picture with sound although he's awful with a brush.

Billy Mahoney Jnr

ADR/Dialogue Tracklayer/Foley Recordist/Foley Mixer

Lip smack, crackle and pop... you are the enemy to our in house dialogue man! Defender, keeper and saviour of sync production sound. Doesn't mind a flutter in an ADR suite either!